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iPhone Game: Cut him up! because you need to release your anger somehow :)

18/09/2010 Leave a comment

Cut Him Up!

Found this title a couple of days ago, but I didn’t tested it until yesterday, I had no idea what I missed on Smile.

To my surprise the game that I thought it was poorly designed and a bit forced it was nothing but a nice little gem.

Is short in it’s story mode but is quite challenging too. The music and the sound effects are perfect for the action taking place. Get your chainsaw and start moving in circles! the adrenaline gets on pretty quickly when you find yourself surrounded by mad surgeons and abusive guards that are trying to subdue you.

It’s still a very early release in my opinion and it has lots of room for perfomance and I really wished that it was longer. Although I’m still playing the challenges mode it’s not the same feeling as playing through the story line.


Overall I’m a highly satisfied customer and I even wrote a quick review with 5 stars on the Appstore.





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iPhone Game mini review: Fastball 2 Challenging, and difficult, annoying yet exiting and freaking addictive!!

14/09/2010 Leave a comment


Fastball 2 is the challenge, and also the name of the game.

I think I’ve been lucky this week finding 2 great games which by the way are also free, check what I wrote about Hoggy.

Fastball 2 has forced me to bring out the best reflexes and gaming skills that I have in order to progress through the game, and yet I still haven’t finished it.

You need to have great timing, learn from your mistakes and even with that I’m sure you’ll struggle to get through all the levels.

So here’s the bottom line. If you have an iOS device try it out, at least test it, don’t forget to put the music on which adds a big part of the amusement of the game.




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iPhone Game: Hoggy – Plattaform+Puzzle. Do I need to say more? oh and it’s free!

12/09/2010 Leave a comment


It’s been quite some time since I liked an iPhone game as much as I like Hoggy.

Design wise is cute and colorful, play wise is challenging and gets the best out of your gaming abilities. You need to think your strategy and at the same time execute it with near perfect timing to succeed.

If you’re the gamer that likes to beat easy games, please skip this one.

Here are some screenshots.


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Testing the WordPress iPhone App

30/08/2010 Leave a comment

I’m glad this app has landscape writing mode as I can type a lot faster this way 😀

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