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Little advertisement fun :)

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I have no idea what this means in terms of engagement but what the heck, it stills makes me giggle.

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Earnings Report 05/12/2010

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eaveGot 120K waiting to be spent Lengua fuera

Earnings: 164.1e
Dividends/Investment Earnings: 12733.09e
Other Earnings: 40.18e
You spent: 0e

Earnings Report 2/12/2010

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eaveEarnings: 74.55e
Dividends/Investment Earnings: 14684.46e
Other Earnings: 1210.93e
You spent: 1908.33e

Earnings Report 1/12/2010

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eaveBang, no spendings today Smile with tongue out we’re going for influencer shopping tomorrow Open-mouthed smile

Earnings: 137.8e
Dividends/Investment Earnings: 15301.87e
Other Earnings: 64.02e
You spent: 0e

Earnings Report 30/11/2010

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Chan! Smile with tongue out

Earnings: 151e
Dividends/Investment Earnings: 14761.13e
Other Earnings: 35592.19e
You spent: 46994.6e

Earnings report 29/11/2010

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imageNo more silly comments on the reports from now on. just pure raw numbers.

Earnings: 121.13e
Dividends/Investment Earnings: 14312.62e
Other Earnings: 4191.54e
You spent: 139943.41e

#EAv Report 06/09/2010 Rushed report!

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Today’s report is on a rush as I have to get some sleep Smile 

So I won’t go into any details just raw numbers. Thank you to my shareholders for sticking up with me Smile with tongue out

You have earned 242.25 Eaves for your daily activity on Empire Avenue and you earned 9006.7 Eaves as investment earnings from those you have invested in!


Personal Rankings
Numbers in (brackets) are previous day’s rankings
Overall Share Price     65 (62)
Share Price (People)     56 (53)
Overall Daily Gainers     6242 (7851)
Daily Gainers (People)     5587 (7004)
Overall Total Wealth     42 (43)
Overall Total Wealth (People)     38 (39)
Overall Bank Balance     5483 (4767)
Bank Balance (People)     4652 (4026)
Overall Portfolio Value     37 (-)
Portfolio Value (People)     33 (-)
Overall Earnings     67 (72)
Earnings (People)     57 (61)
Overall Earnings in a Week     3 (7)
Earnings in a Week (People)     4 (-)
Overall Daily Earnings     27 (4)
Daily Earnings (People)     24 (6)
Overall Weekly Dividends     3 (7)
Weekly Dividends (People)     4 (-)

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