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#EAv Report 02/09/10 || (e)KILOTR back on the leaderboard

Empire Avenue Eaves logoIt only took 3 days of proper daily activity (thanks to this blog mostly) to get back in the Earnings Leaderboad. If I keep this activity level, I should be back in the top 5 in about 4 days.

After that I should be ready for the next share upgrade to 20,000 right after the Erindale release.

You have earned 247.95 Eaves for your daily activity on Empire Avenue and you earned 11019.49 Eaves as investment earnings from those you have invested in!

Personal Rankings

Numbers in (brackets) are previous day’s rankings
Overall Share Price     57 (56)
Share Price (People)     49 (48)
Overall Daily Gainers     6793 (3706)
Daily Gainers (People)     6086 (3269)
Overall Total Wealth     39 (41)
Overall Total Wealth (People)     35 (37)
Overall Bank Balance     2683 (2998)
Bank Balance (People)     2182 (2464)
Overall Portfolio Value     35 (36)
Portfolio Value (People)     31 (32)
Overall Earnings     78 (80)
Earnings (People)     66 (68)
Overall Earnings in a Week     22 (28)
Earnings in a Week (People)     16 (21)
Overall Daily Earnings     21 (2)
Daily Earnings (People)     15 (3)
Overall Weekly Dividends     22 (28)
Weekly Dividends (People)     16 (21)

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